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Version française

Monferrina raw meat, robiola cream and black truffle

Monferrina raw meat and white truffle

Pumpkin flan with fondue and white truffle

Egg in cocotte and black truffle

Egg in cocotte and white truffle

Tagliolini, butter, anchovy and black truffle

Tagliolini with butter with white truffle

Gnocchi with cheese fondue and black truffle

Tagliolini, Robiola cream and black truffle

Gnocchi with Castelmagno fondue and white truffle

Agnolotti with butter and black truffle

Ravioli stuffed with rabbit meat, butter and white truffle *

Fried Eggs with white truffle

Boiled vegetables salad, seasoned with tuna and mayonnaise

Veal slices, gently roasted and served with traditional tuna sauce, anchovies and capers, without mayonnaise

“Piemontese fassona” veal tartare

Omelette slices stuffed with goat cheese, walnuts and chestnut honey

Terrine of white meats, apricots and almonds

Pie with tomatoes and mustard grains

Pie with leek and Gorgonzola

Peppers with green sauce

Asparagus flan with egg cream and parmesan

Flan of zucchini and mint

Flan of pumpkin

Aubergine parmigiana with fresh tomato sauce and parmesan

Selection of cold appetizers

Selection of hot appetizers

Selection of hot and cold appetizers for two people

Borage ravioli with fresh tomato,
almonds and mint

Borage ravioli with butter and sage

Tagliolini with rabbit ragout and rosemary

Tagliatelle, vegetables and sheep's milk ricotta

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

Tagliatelle with sausage ragù

Tagliatelle with game civet

Ravioli stuffed with three roasted meat (beef, pork and rabbit)

Gnocchi with basil, rocket and walnuts

Gnocchi with Raschera fondue

Nettle ravioli, red pesto and hazelnuts

Radicchio ravioli, gorgonzola cream

Radicchio ravioli with hazelnut pesto

Beef shoulder cooked for 7/8 hours in Arneis wine

Wild boar cooked in red wine with plums

Roasted rabbit flavored with Moscato wine

Cod fish pancakes with red onions

Peppers with bagna cauda

Chunks of chicken, courgettes and omelette in carpione

Veal and speck meatballs, red pepper cream

Stewed tripe

Asparagus Parmigiana

Selection of cheeses with honey and mustards

Bitter orange tart with vanilla ice cream

Figues tart with vanilla ice cream

Our version of Tiramisù stuffed with zabaglione

Flourless hazelnut cake with its ice cream


Lemon sorbet

Chestnut mousse and dark chocolate

Warm apple pie with custard

Pears cooked in wine

Caramel pudding

Peaches with chocolate and amaretti

Warm apple and cinnamon pie


Giandoja mousse

Bavarian strawberry with berries

Lemon panna cotta with berries